Natural Stone Paving

Stonecraft Paving pride themselves on the extensive knowledge and experience cultivated over time in the business of importing Natural Stone from both India and China. Our ever increasing supplier database has enabled us to be able to offer an extensive range of Natural Stone for both indoor and outdoor use as well as offering an assortment of styles, colours and more importantly affordability for all markets.  As a family orientated group, we are passionate about maintaining sustainable ethical practices with our suppliers abroad.  This improves the lives and working conditions of our suppliers and their co-workers.  

Sawn Six Sides & Honed Sandstone Collection

Castacrete supply this stylish and contemporary finish in eight unique colours.

Contemporary Stone Collection

Using these two superb Sawn Edge Natural Stones in this collection, can only result in an opulent and luxurious contemporary look whether in a traditional or ultra-modern setting.

Plank Collection

Using Castacrete’s Plank Collection, whether it be the marble or the sandstone, will give a super modern look to any paving design.

Slate Collection

If you are looking for a modern finish in a stylish surrounding, then our Slate Paving Collection is just right for you.

Granite Collection

Castacrete’s granite collection consists of two striking colours.

Sawn Square Edge Sandstone & Limestone Collection

The collection of both Sandstone and Limestone Sawn Edge is highly popular with people who prefer the organic look, but require the modern feel.

Tumbled Sandstone & Limestone Collection

Our tumbled paving collection is perfect for people who are looking to create a traditional and naturally weathered outdoor space.

Thin Sandstone Collection

A budget collection of three sandstones which have been specially selected for their thickness of 15mm – 25mm.

Calibrated Sandstone & Limestone Paving Collection

This Calibrated Sandstone and Limestone Collection offers a choice of ten attractive colours in natural hand cut, that have been selected to provide you with a wide array of choice

Paving Setts - Tumbled & Calibrated

Our 200mm x 100mm x 40mm setts are handcut, tumbled and 40mm calibrated

Sandstone & Limestone Circle Collection

Our natural stone circle collection has been specifically selected to complement our natural stone paving collection flawlessly.

Paving Setts - Sawn Edge, Textured & Tumbled

These clean edged Limestone and Sandstone setts with a slight tumbled and textured face

Paving Setts - Sawn Six Sides & Tumbled

This Sandstone Collection will most certainly give your driveway the wow factor.

Paving Setts - Granite Sawn and Flamed

The granite block paving setts consist of two striking colours

Paving Setts- Handcut 40-60mm

Our natural handcut setts can all be used to create borders, paths, features and driveways, or just border a lawn to give definition and contrast.

Sandstone Handcut Walling

The splendour and authenticity of our Sandstone Walling is undoubtedly in keeping with our Natural Stone Products.

Sandstone Tumbled Coping

To continue and complete the outstanding quality and vision of a natural stone built wall, our Sandstone Tumbled Coping has been specifically sourced to complement our natural stone walling collection.

Sandstone Bull Nosed Steps

Our stone steps will transform the entrance to your property or edging to your swimming pool.

Donegal Stone Irish Blue Limestone Paving

Is a striking blue colour with a distinctive white fossil running throughout.

Donegal Stone Quartzite

Our Quartzite Paving is extremely hard wearing and is therefore ideal for