Decorative Aggregates

Decorative aggregates can be utilised in a multitude of ways to create additional colour, dimension and character to any outdoor space.Available in an array of colours and sizes, decorative aggregates are an affordable natural product derived from limestone, stone, flint and granite. With sizes available from 6mm up to 50mm the versatility is limitless.

White Cobbles

Stark White 40mm-60mm

Scottish Pebbles

Traditional Scottish 40mm

Red Granite

14mm Brick Red

Plum Slate

40mm Plum Shades


Multitude tones of

Lakeland Grey

14mm Shades of

Golden Gravel

Multitude tones of


14mm Shades of


Cotswold 20mm

Black Ice

A blend of

10mm Pebbles

Grey, brown, beige

20mm Pebbles

Grey, brown, beige

10mm Golden Gravel

Multitude tones of